Northern Homespun is a string band based in Poultney, Vermont, playing Americana music featuring rich vocal harmonies and a down-home feel. While the band’s members found each other through the Poultney Bluegrass Society, they have roots in many musical traditions, some more obvious than others. In addition to drawing from bluegrass, old time, gospel, country, and folk music, if you listen closely you may hear influences from Eastern European and Celtic traditions, and maybe even a little Argentine tango, jamgrass, or some good old rock-n-roll. The members of Northern Homespun have played in a number of bands around the country, from the Barley Shakers, Doc Holler, and County Down to Boston’s own Snuffy Smith, and even a couple local bands, Sandhill and Spruce Knob Uprising. They include Rick Lillegard, Pamela Burlingame, Chad Clifford, Jason Weinstein, and Laird Christensen—though they’ve also been known to bring along an extra friend or two on occasion.